Improve Coverage Analysis Toolset

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What is the project about?

RTEMS-TOOLS uses a tool called `covoar`, integrated into the rtems-tools, which currently generates coverage reports in html and text. This projec t is to improve the Coverage analysis Toolset used by rtems-tools by integrating a script for generating a coverage analysis report using the repo rts generated by covoar and show it in html tables to give the users a proper interface to go through the whole coverage analysis report.

After the Coverage analysis is working and showing proper reports the next objective of the project is to integrate Gcov support in tester for gen erating statement-by-statement profiling. This will be done by generating `gcov` reports from covoar and running a graphical front-end tool like ` gcov` or `lcov` to generate coverage analysis report.

Project Wiki and Rtems documentations

The wiki for the project can be found here The RTEMS user manual can be found here.


The Codes related to the project can be found here.
Please visit the blog section where I share my experience of working on this project.

Github Repository.

Here is the link to the Github forked development repo .